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2 Apr 2022: I have recently published a blog post about "Managing Chemical Substances beyond Small Molecules". You can find it on the Informatics Alliance website. I hope you find it interesting.

16 Jan 2022: Together with Informatics Alliance colleagues Gerd Blanke of StructurePendium GmbH and Mary Beth Walsh of Kalleid Inc. I have published a white paper on "Chemistry Data Migration Challenges and Best Practices". It can be downloaded from the Informatics Alliance website.

29 Jun 2021: The recording of our webinar Strategies for Creating AI Ready Chemical Data is now available. Thanks to our panelists Esben Jannik Bjerrum of AstraZeneca, Andreas Bender from the University of Cambridge, and Ted Slater of Elsevier for their excellent contributions !

31 May 2021: Together with my colleague Gerd Blanke of StructurePendium GmbH, I am hosting a webinar on Strategies for Creating AI Ready Chemical Data on 29 June 2021, hosted by the Informatics Alliance. We have an exciting group of panelists from AstraZeneca, Cambridge University and Elsevier. To register, please visit the event page on informaticsalliance.org.

Selected Past News & Events:


26 May 2021: The Informatics Alliance website has gone live ! The Informatics Alliance is an informal network of independent chem- and bioinformatics experts which I am a member of. The Informatics Alliance has been around for a number of years, but only recently we have started to make our existence more public. Visit informaticsalliance.org to learn more.


Despite the pandemic, I am still active and busy. Though things are different, and it is all home office now. Wishing everybody all the best in these unsettling times, stay healthy, and let's hope for all of us that better times will come soon !


10 Jan 2018: Thomas Dörner is now a member of the Pistoia Alliance. Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit alliance of life science companies, vendors, publishers, academic groups, and industry experts that lowers barriers to innovation in R&D through pre-competitive collaboration.


12 Dec 2017: Another busy year is nearing its end, and my activities have shifted to a new major project. My focus is still on life science and chemistry R&D informatics and information solutions, and I've still managed to attend several industry events in 2017.


12 May 2016: I want to give a short update, as my website appears to be fairly quiet. However, this impression is pretty misleading, I'm actually very busy. My main focus is still on the previously mentioned big research IT project for chemistry research, which continues to occupy most of my resources. Nonetheless, you will still meet me at the major industry events.


15 Apr 2015: I have moved to new premises in Lörrach. Please note that both my address and my phone number have changed.

3 Jan 2015: Still well and busy throughout 2014, now being mainly involved in a big IT project for chemistry research...

6 Jan 2014: The year 2013 has been another exciting year, I helped define and select a database and analysis system for one of the businesses of a major chemical company, and for a top-10 pharma company I developed a concept for internalizing key scientific information from external alliances.

19 Feb 2013: ELN's are great tools to capture your chemistry experiments. However, exploiting the reaction knowledge hidden in your ELN - especially if you want to include legacy data - and integrating it with public information is a challenge. For a recent project which achieves exactly that and to which I have significantly contributed, please see the presentation of Michael Kappler from F. Hoffmann-La Roche at the ACS Spring Meeting 2013 in New Orleans in April.

1 Jul 2011: Ever wondered about my Thomas Doerner logo ? A Logo page has been added.

20 Sep 2010: The first version of www.tdoerner.eu has been released. Comments welcome !